Years of experience

Picked, produced and packed in South East Asia, our farmers have been producing tasty soft dried tasty fruits for over 20 years, utilising their skills and specialist processing techniques.

Farming quality fruits

Our dedicated team of growers select only the best fruits from accredited farms, to share with the world the highest quality, ripest and juiciest soft dried fruits you have ever tasted.

Confidence & Consistency

Unlike most other brands, we work directly with the farms, ensuring that we know where every slice comes from and giving us quality and consistency with every bag.

Locked in freshness

We grow, pick , dry and pack onsite ensuring quality and freshness in each bag.

Each fruit is picked at it's ripest to give great, fresh tasting fruits with each bite.

Want to save some for later? All our fruits come in a resealable bag to lock in freshness and take with you to eat anywhere, anytime !